Our self-care apps and tools position you as the provider of useful decision support information. They frequently spur the need for direct connections with your organization and care providers.

As you plan your custom app or website, consider which platforms make sense for your organization. We can deliver our content as an API, to be used within your existing apps or website, or we can customize iPhone & Android mobile self-care apps for your organization.

If you need assistance determining how best to serve your clients, we can help you decide the appropriate platform and content to meet your consumers’ needs.

Hand holding a smart phone with self-care apps from AppCatalyst on the screen

Mobile App

If you’ve checked your website analytics for ‘device used,’ mobile is clearly the communication medium of choice. A mobile app is the fastest connection possible between your organization and the patients you serve. Our white-label self-care apps help you attract and engage patients, drive business to your facilities and services, and reinforce your brand.

AppCatalyst's self-care apps and Web Widget displayed on an iPad

Web Widget

Our content is available for websites as an easy-to-install application: a web widget.  The content, styling and anatomical figures can be quickly adapted to your website’s color palette and brand guidelines. The widget can live on your public website or within your patient portal. Best of all, it installs in 30 minutes or less.

Infographic depicting the workflow of the Symptom Checker API and self-care apps


You may wish to license our content for use within existing software, mobile apps or portal applications. For these scenarios, we have created an application programming interface (API) and corresponding developer portal. The API is a restful web service that allows licensed clients to interface with our content. It returns a JSON response for each index and topic.


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