At AppCatalyst, we focus on projects specific to healthcare. We develop engagement apps and solutions that support healthcare consumers.

Our engagement apps and web tools are pre-built and ready for you to customize. Our team combines consultative skills and advanced application design and engineering to deliver healthcare apps and web-based tools that meet your organization’s needs and objectives. You can expect an engagement to follow the steps outlined below.

+ - Listen

We listen to your ideas and objectives for your digital front door. If mobile appears to be the best medium for your objectives, we will suggest moving into a Discovery Phase.

+ - Discovery

We review and identify your: a) objectives, audience and example use cases, b) best practices for each type of function, c) requirements spec (if you have one) and d) the need for any support systems, such as data model, web services, hosting, CMS. We’ll deliver a draft SOW which serves as a storyboard and also lets us determine a project price.

+ - Design

We’ll work together to create a more detailed implementation plan, including timeframes, user experience, and the artwork we’ll need to support your brand.

+ - Testing

Usability testing is key to success in mobile. It’s the difference between an app that is used once, and one that is recommended by users to their friends and colleagues.

+ - Launch

Once the app is complete, we both test the functionality and accuracy. You give the “thumbs up” before we submit to iTunes and Google Play.

+ - Analysis

Analytics tags can be added to every button, link and content item within the app. We’ll also keep you in-the-loop on product and platform enhancements to keep your app fresh and high-performing.

Every parent or caretaker needs this app! I discovered it after Dr Google failed to give me viable home care advice for my 10 month old. So easy to use and, since it came from my Children's hospital, I felt comfortable with the advice given.

Happy Parent, regarding Kid Care - from St. Louis Children’s Hospital

"As consumers obsess with mobile devices, engage them with health apps."

Healthcare IT News, September 2017

“You guys are awesome and we are so thankful to have you as our partners!"

Evie Ranslem-Parsons / Director of Public Relations, Sidney Regional Medical Center, Sidney, NE

“As our patient and parent populations become more connected, I am confident the Surgery Connect app will continue to become an increasingly important communication tool.”

David Leonard, MBBCh / Washington University physician and co-medical director of the CSCC (Children’s Specialty Care Center)