Our world-class content and self-care tools are available for use by consumers and professionals via the internet and mobile applications. Hospitals, health plans and physician practices use our content to support their patients, plan members and communities with decision support and self-care knowledge.

The symptom checker content is derived from the Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols used by thousands of physicians and nurse advice hotlines across North America. The symptom care guides are updated on an annual basis, based upon recent medical literature, national guidelines, quality improvement projects, research, expert reviewers and feedback from users. Learn more about our authors and reviewers here.

Our content solutions create the following benefits for your organization:

  • Build loyalty and confidence with your customers
  • Create value for your audiences and their families
  • Create internal efficiencies for your staff
  • Direct users to the right care at the right place at the right time

+ - Content for Consumers

  • Symptom Checker
    • 124 Adult Care Guides
    • 141 Pediatric Care Guides
  • First Aid (55 topics with illustrations)
  • Parent Advice (148 topics)

The content is:

  • Available in English/Spanish (and other languages)
  • Written at a 6th Grade Health Literacy level
  • Available in API, website, and custom mobile

+ - Content for Patients

  • Surgery Partner
    • 150+ procedure descriptions (and growing)
    • Timely pre-preparation instructions
    • Push notifications to prompt action pre, during and post procedure
    • Care at Home education that is procedure-specific
    • Post-discharge messaging and follow-up

The content is written at 6-7th grade health literacy.

Illustrations support patient (and family) understanding.


Our evidence-based content is written by recognized and award-winning healthcare practitioners, providing consumers with self-triage capability and straightforward advice.

Easily Customizable

Our mobile and web-based self-care tools can be customized to your brand and integrated with your existing tools. Some widgets are installed in as little as 30 minutes!

User Friendly

Content is available in English and Spanish. It is written at a 6th grade health literacy level to support widespread usability and meet Medicaid standards.

Phone and computer screens with AppCatalyst's self-care tools and triage protocols displayed

Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker is ready the moment someone has symptoms. It helps them determine how sick they are, what level of care is appropriate, and provides step-by-step care advice and triage protocols for self-care and interim symptom relief. If a problem requires medical attention, it also directs the user to the best, safe point of care — your physicians, facilities and services.

It is available for license as a mobile app, API and widget.

iPhone screens showing our Surgery Partner and self-care tools

Surgery Partner

Communicating with parents of children — or patients themselves — who need surgery is often time-intensive. Our Surgery Partner app streamlines communication between nurses and patients, delivering pre- and post-surgical instructions for an array of surgical procedures.

Surgery Partner gives parents and patients easy access to vital information they need prior to, during and after outpatient surgery, such as descriptions of procedures, how to prepare for surgery, details about the visit, home care instructions, and what to expect for follow-up.


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