Customizable Engagement Apps

Your mobile app is the Digital Front Door of your organization. Connecting with your patients and customers via an app is no longer a luxury — it is an expectation of the consumer and a necessity for the organization.

Building an app from the ground up can be expensive and time consuming. AppCatalyst provides a simple, effective, and fully customizable solution for healthcare organizations with our Engagement App platform. We can help you achieve an effective mobile strategy to:

+ - Attract and engage patients

  • Provide decision support digitally to your consumers 24/7, allowing you to support patients beyond and between face-to-face encounters
  • Create opportunities for more frequent engagement beyond traditional healthcare services
  • Reinforce your brand through push notification messages, supporting positive health practices in your clients’ everyday lives
  • Add the symptom checker to your existing app, to boost utilization and interactivity

+ - Drive business to your facilities and services

  • Connect users with your facilities, physicians, contact center and virtual visits
  • Direct your consumers to the appropriate care provider in your organization based on their health needs
  • Send push notifications to remind users of events and health maintenance actions
  • Drive portal utilization via direct linkage or application binding

+ - Reinforce your brand, even when your customers are at home

  • Mobile apps and website tools are customizable to your brand
  • Drive the initiatives that are central to your business objectives
  • Transform education materials into clear, conversational language; formatted for easy skimming and uptake

Our Tools & Content:

Dosage Tables

Find a Doctor

Find a Location

First Aid Instructions

Medication & Allergy Tracker

Parenting Support Topics

Patient/Portal Access

MyInfo Management

Push Notifications

Symptom Checker - Adult

Symptom Checker - Pediatric

Video Visits

Mobile Platforms

Our mobile platforms support iOS and Android, and are delivered as application-as-a-service. We manage the entire production from end-to-end and provide consultative services for optimizing your digital solution.

We utilize a microservices API architecture to deliver content to our mobile platforms.

Our content API, for the elements of Symptom Checker, Parent Advice, First Aid and Dosage Tables, is maintained and available as a stand-alone offering, if desired. The mobile apps that we create for healthcare organizations consume this API, so the sponsoring organization does not have to worry about content additions and updates. They flow automatically into the apps we create.

For more information on the other platforms that our content is available on, please follow the button below.


The Customization Process

+ - Listen

We listen to your team’s objectives for your app. If mobile appears to be the best medium for those objectives, we will suggest moving into a Discovery Phase.

+ - Discovery

We review and identify your objectives, audience and requirements. We’ll deliver a high-level design document, which serves as a storyboard for any additional honing of concepts.

+ - Design

We’ll work together to create a more detailed design spec, including timeframes, mobile-appropriate implementation plan, user experience, data modeling and branding.

+ - Testing

Usability testing is key to success in mobile. It’s the difference between an app that is used once, and one that is recommended by users to their friends and colleagues.

+ - Launch

Once the app is complete, we both test the functionality and accuracy. You give the “thumbs up” before we submit to iTunes and Google Play.

+ - Analysis

Analytics tags can be added to every button, link and content item within the app. We’ll also keep you in-the-loop on product and platform enhancements to keep your app fresh and high-performing.


A Children’s Hospital in the Midwest uses our container app and tools to provide their customers with self care-focused iPhone and Android apps. Their mobile apps utilize our pediatric Symptom Checker, First Aid support, Parent Advice, and Medication Tracker tools; as well as Map It, Find a Pediatric Specialist, Request an Appointment, and Visit Our Website features.

For the period of March 2017-March 2018, there were:

  • 8,534 users
  • 46,784 sessions

During this period there were 1,159 conversions created for the hospital that led to pediatric care. These included:

  • 250 Find a Pediatric Specialist requests fulfilled
  • 138 Directions to the hospital provided
  • 249 Find a Children’s Emergency Department requests fulfilled
  • 104 Request for an Appointment fulfilled

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