About our MyChart Integration

Through the App Orchard program, Self Care Decisions offers Epic clients the ability to integrate symptom checking/self triage with MyChart, to support their patients’ healthcare decisions and direct patient flow to scheduling options and appropriate locations within their organization.

Placing a ‘Symptom Checker’ link within MyChart (left side of image) provides patients the ability to assess their symptoms and determine what action they need to take and when (how soon). For MyChart patients, this integration personalizes and streamlines the symptom checking experience by delivering the name, age and gender throughout the self-triage process. It delivers appropriate patients to online scheduling for appointments or video visits.

A license for our Symptom Checker must be in place for this integration application to function.

MyChart Symptom Checker Screen
MyChart Care Guide Screen
MyChart Treatment Recommendation Screen
MyChart Schedule Appointment Screen

Just-in-Time Decision Support

Most client organizations position the symptom checker link next to options for scheduling an appointment or video visit. It is the most convenient placement for users, since it supports their decisions regarding:

  • If care is needed
  • Timing: the urgency of taking action
  • Fulfillment options: the best services your organization offers for their specific needs

They get the guidance and connections they need…when they need it.

Personalization Throughout Process

Achieve significant savings in nurse time spent on the phone, either trying to reach the patient or educating the patient. Deliver important messages and information to the patient and family, whether they are at home, work, or running errands.

One-Tap Connections to Fulfillment

Create relationships of trust with patients who know you are there to support them and deliver the information they need for pre and post-operative success. Provide value and convenience and continue patient connections post-discharge.


In 2019, we launched our first symptom checker integration with MyChart. The web app can be embedded within both MyChart Web and MyChart Mobile to offer just-in-time users’ decision support. Positioning the symptom checker conveniently near Appointments, Messaging and/or Quick Links is convenient for patients who are seeking the appropriate level of care for their symptoms.

By leveraging Epic’s Patient.Read API, the user’s name is incorporated into the process, personalizing the experience. Their age and gender are also pre-populated, streamlining steps along the way.


The utilization graph shows a soft-launch in June 2020, with promotion to patients in July. There have been:

  • 9,948 sessions
  • Average session duration of 2 minutes and 28 seconds


  • Having the symptom checker available within MyChart means patients can connect directly to self-service functions: Appointment Scheduling, eVisits and Video Visits
  • Other fulfillment options are still accessible from the public-website, such as Find an Urgent Care, Find an ER and Find a Labor & Delivery Department
  • Placing decision-support tools conveniently within MyChart helps patients and parents select the RIght Care at the Right Time

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