About our MyChart Integration

Effective pre- and post-operative communication with patients and parents is essential to the efficient operation of a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.  As modes of communication evolve, medical providers must follow course and embrace new communication modalities to reach their patients effectively. A surgery app allows you to do just that.

Cancelled or missed surgical appointments lead to inefficient use of staff and surgeon time, which are often avoidable when communication strategies are optimized. With our surgery app, your organization can streamline communication between nurses and parents or patients. Mobile messaging provides a convenient means to reinforce pre- and post-surgical instructions and relay details about an array of surgical procedures.


+ - Challenge

  • As high as 60% rate of no answer when trying to reach families via phone during business hours
  • Average time of 2 1/2 minutes spent by a nurse per phone call
  • Patients arriving with NPO violations
  • Patients missing surgery due to miscommunication
  • Parents and patients distracted post-surgery, not able to fully absorb discharge instructions
  • Excess of information to deliver post-operation, which can get lost when in paper form

+ - Solution

Our Surgery Partner mobile apps deliver case-specific procedure information and push notifications for just-in-time reminders. These keep the family and patient:

  • On course in preparing for the procedure
  • Informed of the surgery progress and updates while in the waiting room
  • Informed of all the specific discharge and follow-up instructions

Once connected to the app, patients (and families) receive important reminders such as the time of their procedure, when they are to arrive, NPO prompts and discharge instructions. They also receive descriptions of their surgeries, what they should do to prepare for the surgery, what to expect upon arrival and the amenities available while waiting, such as food kiosks and how to access the wi-fi.

MyChart Symptom Checker Screen
MyChart Care Guide Screen
MyChart Treatment Recommendation Screen
MyChart Schedule Appointment Screen

Just-in-Time Decision Support

Reduce avoidable same-day surgical cancellations due to scheduling miscommunication without sacrificing patient or parent satisfaction. Having an instant and direct line of communication with the parent or patient will get them the information they need when they need it.

Personalization Throughout Process

Achieve significant savings in nurse time spent on the phone, either trying to reach the patient or educating the patient. Deliver important messages and information to the patient and family, whether they are at home, work, or running errands.

One-Tap Connections to Fulfillment

Create relationships of trust with patients who know you are there to support them and deliver the information they need for pre and post-operative success. Provide value and convenience and continue patient connections post-discharge.

Surgery Connect Surgery App Home Screen


In 2016, St. Louis Children’s Hospital hired AppCatalyst to develop “Surgery Connect.” This surgery app conveys to parents vital information they need prior to, during and after their child’s outpatient surgery.

“It is sometimes difficult to contact parents by phone, and when we do, they may be answering while doing something else like driving, shopping, working—things that distract them from the information we are giving them about their child’s surgery.” —  Beth Smith, BSN, RN, CSCC Perioperative Services.


For the last year (2019):

92% of patient parents utilized the app

  • 44,000+ sessions
  • Average session duration of 5 minutes and 52 seconds


  • The rate of same-day cancellations attributable to communication failure has dropped significantly. The majority of this improvement is due to a reduction in scheduling miscommunication
  • There have been significant savings in nurse time spent on the phone since deploying the app, either trying to reach the patient or educating the patient
  • Effective pre-operative communication with patients and parents is essential to the efficient operation of a pediatric ASC

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