Web Apps Customized to Your Brand and Mapped to Your Services

Our symptom checker web app is easy to customize for your brand, connect to your services and implement within the user experience of your consumer website, mobile apps and patient portal.  It can all be done in a few simple steps in our Symptom Checker App Factory, a content management system hosting symptom checker web apps.

Use our symptom checker to direct consumers and patients to the right care at the right time. Our symptom checker web app helps your users determine how sick they are and what is the most appropriate action to take. Customize the options which are presented to help the user navigate your healthcare system. Funnel users to your organization’s assets: Find a Doctor, Schedule an Appointment, Find a Location (ER, Urgent Care) and provide self care instructions for symptom relief.


Customizable Theme

Customize the look and feel of your app by providing a bootstrap 4 theme.  You can create a new theme using a simple wysiwyg theme builder or provide one that you have already created.

Connect to your Services

You can connect the app to your web pages, contact center and patient portal.  Configure the actions recommended at the end of the symptom check to link the user to the most helpful fulfillment.

Always Up-to-date

Your app is connected to our application management system and Symptom Checker API, so it always has reliable, up-to-date information.

Mobile-first Design

Our app is designed for the smallest screens first.  In this day and age, users do most of their web-browsing on their mobile devices, especially when they are in need of decision support.  Our app is designed to make it as easy as possible to get the right care at the right time.

Easy to Implement

Your app can be created and implemented within minutes using our simple app management system.

Curious about embedding a symptom checker in your website?  Try our embedded app demo out now!

Easy to Integrate

+ - Embed it in your website

To embed the application within another webpage, use an iframe.  We provide an embed script (html snippet) which you can paste into an existing web page.  It includes an iframe support library that enables a seamless, embedded-app browsing experience by connecting the symptom checker app and the host page. They can tell each other which page to load, when to scroll and what size to be.

+ - Embed it in your mobile app

Our web app is designed to be embedded in webviews in your native mobile applications. The app’s mobile first design makes it well suited for this. The app can be customized to match the look and feel of your mobile app. It’s main navigation bar can be hidden to make room for your mobile apps own navigation bar.

+ - Embed it in your patient portal

Our web app can be embedded in an iframe inside of a new page in a Patient Portal. Patients can browse to this page and check their symptoms. Our app uses the patient record to personalize the user experience with the patient’s name and uses their age and gender to filter for the most appropriate care guides.

Our app can be integrated with SMART on FHIR EHR environments (DSTU2). Patient Portals in these environments can launch our application and pass it the authorization code that our application needs to access the patient record.

+ - Link to Standalone App

The app is also designed to be accessed directly (as a standalone app).  To use it as a standalone app, promote links to the app and configure the app with links back to your website or patient portals.

Standalone apps can also be integrated with EHR environments and can present Sign In buttons that allow the user to sign into the EHR. After granting our app access to the application, the patient is returned to the age and gender appropriate symptom browsing screen in our app.

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