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About Self Care Decisions

Hospitals, health plans and physician practices provide our Self Care Decisions content to their patients, plan members and communities to support their healthcare decisions and build self-care skills with online medical advice. The content is derived from the Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols used by thousands of physicians and nurse advice hotlines across North America.

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Reliable Care

We connect patients and consumers to the medical information doctors trust most. Our tools — Symptom Checker, Self Care Advice, First Aid, and Behavior Advice — provide your customers the advice they need – and help them access the right care at the right time.

Instant Advice

Our content and tools are the closest your customers can come to consulting their doctor or pediatrician without speaking to them. They go wherever your patients go. Peace of mind and medical decision support are instantly available.


Our Symptom Checker contains the content used by thousands of clinicians, just re-written in clear, consumer language. It’s derived from the Schmitt protocols – the gold standard for telephone triage.

Make it Yours

Rebrand our tools to support your eHealth program. Ensure that your patients will receive reliable expert medical information directly from you. No other Symptom Checker allows for unique customization to your brand.


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Graphic illustrating how our Self Care Decisions self-triage tools and online medical advice platforms help you connect your care to your patients

Connect Your Care

+ - Direct the Flow of Patients/Consumers

  • Direct users to the appropriate level of care
  • Drive traffic to your physicians, facilities and services
  • Increase portal utilization (such as MyChart, Cerner, etc.)
  • Promote use of your Telemedicine program

+ - Connect Recommended Medical Actions to Your Services

  • Your ERs, UCs, clinics, or physicians
  • Your self-scheduling options or scheduling centers

+ - Distinguish Your Organization With a Useful Consumer Tool

  • Deliver useful and usable decision-support content to your consumers, available through their mobile phone
  • Stand out as a first-class provider that cares about its customers and wants them to succeed on all levels of the healthcare journey

+ - App Utilization Analytics

  • Track and measure usage and consumer conversion
  • Analyze the pressure points of your clients and how they need help most
  • See exactly where value is being created for your organization

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