+ - Barton Schmitt MD, FAAP

Author of pediatric content. Copyright 2000-2021, Schmitt Pediatric Guidelines.

Dr. Barton Schmitt is Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He has also been the Medical Director of the Pediatric After-Hours Call Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado since 1988. The call center covers evening and weekend calls for over 500 pediatricians in Colorado and Wyoming.

The Pediatric Symptom Checker is derived from the decision-support tools Dr. Barton Schmitt has written for healthcare professionals. All of them are updated yearly.

  • Pediatric Telephone Protocols: After Hours.1988-2021. Used in nurse call centers.
  • Pediatric Telephone Protocols: Office Hours.1994-2021. Used in pediatric offices.
  • Pediatric Instructions.1990-2018. Parent handouts provided after a diagnosis is made.

+ - David A. Thompson MD, FACEP

Author of adult content, Copyright 2000-2021.

Dr. Thompson is a part-time faculty attending in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. He previously worked in the MacNeal Hospital Emergency Department, where he served as medical director and chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and also provided medical direction over the medical call center. He has published numerous research articles and is the author of Adult Telephone Protocols: Office Version; 3rd Edition.

Dr. Thompson is board-certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. He is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Graphic illustrating how Barton Schmitt triage protocols and our medical symptom checker are used around the world


Our Symptom Checker care guides are derived from the professional protocols used by nurses in medical call centers and physician practices. The content is rigorously reviewed by panels of healthcare professionals, comprised of:

  • Call center medical directors
  • Primary care physicians
  • Emergency physicians
  • Physician specialists
  • Triage nurses
  • Specialty nurses

Each year, once the review process is completed for the professional protocol versions, the Symptom Checker content is edited to ensure its compatibility and consistency with any updates made. The care guides are updated based upon recent medical literature, recent national guidelines, quality improvement projects, research, expert reviews and feedback from clients and users.